About Me/ Licensing

10259152_10202004959956785_7044577351537256570_oAbout Me:

I have always loved the idea of money and how it can buy me experiences and comfort. However, being a young adult and having a severe case of FOMO, I have had to adapt my lifestyle and habits in order to reach my future goals. Whether you’re saving for a holiday abroad, a property deposit or your first car, you need to have a plan of how you’re going to get there. Through relevant and practical advice and information, I hope to inspire the next generation of 14-30yr olds to get ahead of the rat race. -Heidi

Avatar Notation:

I used a more recent photo of me so readers could connect with my photo and perceive me to be the ‘down-to-earth’, average Australian 20yr old I am. This way they would be more inclined to relate to my writing and therefore become active members in my blog. Similar ideas were also made clear to me during lecture 4 by Nina- Marie Butler (2015). In relation to anonymity and increasing blog popularity, she mentioned “you can’t really connect [your blog] to your social media. Be proud…Put your name on it“. She believes that by providing her identity it led to future opportunities, which is something I plan to do too.

All of the photos/content/images on my blog is either my own personal content or adequately referenced and/or acknowledged content according to each owner’s chosen license/s. However, my logo and/or blog name is covered under the Attribution licence (Curtin University: Web206, 2015).

I have chosen an Non-Commercial License (Curtin University: Web206, 2015) as I believe that in return for other providing me with content, I am able to reward others who endeavour to write. This license enables others to use my content as long as I am acknowledged and my wordpress is hyperlinked.

For queries or concerns please contact: h.sfiligoi@gmail.com


Butler, N. (2015). Web Publishing – Lecture 4. Speech, Curtin University Rm 204.234.

Curtin University: Web206,. (2015). Mod 1.3 Copy/Paste & Copyright. Web206: Web Publishing. Retrieved 6 October 2015, from https://lms.curtin.edu.au/bbcswebdav/pid-3669849-dt-content-rid-21111951_1/courses/NETS2005-DVCEducatio-1920724804/Web206%202014%20SP3%20Package/1.3.html

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